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Your Access Point Name (APN) identifies the access point on your provider’s mobile broadband network your modem will use to connect to the internet. There may be some information provided with your USB modem by the mobile broadband operator specifying the APN you should use. You can also check the default settings on the software used to configure the USB modem on your computer.

Operator APN IP address type Account type PPP config (if any)
3 3internet Public, tbc PrePay, tbc  
Vodafone internet Private, tbc tbc tbc
Vodafone ppbundle.internet Private PrePaid Simply tariff PAP only, user: web, pass: web
Vodafone tbc PAYG PAP only, user: web, pass: web
O2 Private PrePay  
O2 tbc BillPay  
T-mobile Private PrePay  
Orange internetvpn tbc tbc  
EE everywhere Private BillPay user: eesecure, pass: secure

How do I tell if my IP address is public or private?

Visit the website: – it will display the actual internet address you are currently using. If it is the same as the IP address shown on your Dovado, then you have been assigned a public address. Otherwise you have been assigned a private address, which restricts what you can do on the internet.

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  1. Bobby says

    Have not checked yet, but I am with vodafone and all of my modems have been restricted when I first connect them, (I have 7 of them at the moment). I call customer services and the restrictions are removed. I assume then that this is because they are on a private address?

  2. gerry says

    Thanks for your purchase, Bobby. What sort of restrictions did your modems have? Let us know if the same APN works with all your modems.

  3. Alasdair says

    T-mobile payg mobile broadband – gives a private IP address.

    Don’t know what sort of NAT forwarding is going on yet – haven’t had time to play with anything that needs to know.

  4. gerry says

    Thanks for that Alasdair, can you confirm the T-Mobile APN for PAYG service is

  5. Keith says

    Bill Pay

  6. gerry says

    Thanks for that, Keith.

  7. arash says

    hi, anyone knows how to set up APN my mobile that allow me to use remote desktop. I use usb to connect to my laptop, i need ip with no NAT. any APN in Vodafone is free? im in uk

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