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Direct telephone numbers for Edinburgh GAME stores

GAME have an incredibly frustrating centralised automated phone system, making it very difficult to speak directly to a particular store. I wanted to find out which particular stores had a working “scratch repair service” and wasted far too much of my time these last couple of days shouting “NO”, waiting on hold and then being hung up on on the central automated GAME customer service phone number 0871 594 0066.

Today, I discover that certain Edinburgh shopping centres helpfully list the direct dial numbers for the GAME stores therein, so I thought it would be useful to list these for future reference, hopefully saving somebody some time.
GAME - you can't get through

Store Direct dial
Gyle GAME 0131 317 1707
Ocean Terminal GAME 0131 555 4796
St. James Centre GAME 0131 557 8160
127 Princes Street GAME 0131 225 3453
Cameron Toll GAME 0131 666 1661
Fort Kinnaird GAME 0131 669 3129

It bamboozles me why corporate types think it is helpful to customers to list only a centralised number on their “find a store” listings, especially when it is very time-consuming and in my experience not always possible to be put through to a particular store.

I’ve tested some, but not all, of the numbers above, so please leave a comment if you find any errors.

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  1. Polly Myers says

    Thank you for listing the numbers. I had 5 mins of the same frustrations shouting ‘white’ at my phone. The Cameron Toll number works – sorted. Thank you very much.