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Sierra Wireless 320U firmware upgrade: Dovado advisory

Telstra Sierra Wireless 320U 4G/LTE modemDovado are currently advising that the latest Telstra firmware for the Sierra Wireless 320U 4G/LTE modem will cause the modem to stop working with their TINY, 4GR and DOMA routers. They will release a fix for this interoperability issue in the next Dovado firmware release, presumably Dovado firmware 6.1.4, which I’d estimate will be available in a matter of days rather than weeks. (The Dovado firmware version at time of writing is 6.1.3.)

The Telstra Sierra Wireless 320U firmware to avoid until the fix is available is labelled
X1_4_5_0AP R5267 CNSZXD00000140 2012/07/02 13:48:56

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