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Can you run NMT Applications without an internal hard disk?

Originally you needed to install an internal SATA hard disk drive (HDD) to run NMT Applications on a Popcorn Hour networked media jukebox. However it is now possible to run these services from USB-attached storage, which could even be a USB memory stick (minimum 4GB recommended) or a much more practical external hard disk unit.

The NMT Applications comprise the following services:

  • BitTorrent client for managing torrent download/uploads
  • SAMBA server – windows-compatible network share
  • NFS server – linux/MAC-compatible network share
  • FTP server – accessing disk space via File Transfer Protocol
  • myiHome server
  • UPnP AV server
  • UseNet client – managing torrents via UseNet

In order to install NMT Applications on your USB-attached storage, you need to use the Popcorn Hour
Fresh install option in the wizard. This will completely re-format your storage device, destroying any data thereon. It is therefore important to archive any important data files off your USB storage device as they won’t be there anymore when the process is complete.

An active internet connection on your Popcorn Hour is required for this process.

  1. Go to the Setup screen
  2. Choose Maintenance
  3. Select the NMT Setup Wizard
  4. Use remote UP arrow to select Fresh Setup
  5. Choose the storage device (probably only one listed)
  6. Set ext3 (the only option) as storage device format, this is a Linux filesystem format
  7. Accept the warning about removal of all contents
  8. Choose Online as the source of NMT Applications
  9. Accept the terms and conditions

The process takes 2-3 minutes depending on the size of your USB-attached storage. Afterwards you will have a new NMT Applications screen among the Setup screens.

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  1. Elek Magyar says

    Popcorn a110 not running, not boot USB.

  2. LeGui says

    Hello, some body have this package of MNT applications?
    I need it for my C-200.

  3. LeGui says

    Hello, I need SAMBA server nmt for my C200, where I can download it??