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Is the C-200 much bigger than the A-210?

Popcorn Hour networked media jukeboxes enable you to stream video and other digitial media files directly to your HDTV from a variety of sources, either on your home network, an internal hard drive or USB-attached storage devices.

The Popcorn Hour C-200 is more than twice the size and weight of its smaller siblings, the A-210 and its earlier incarnation the A-200. This video has a comparative look at the physical look and feel of the three current video streamers from the Popcorn Hour stable.

So apart from this more impressive stage presence, what else do you get with the C-200 for its heftier price tag?

  • RF remote control – for the dedicated couch-potato, it can be tedious for the remote control to insist on a line-of-sight infra-red path to your television equipment. The RF remote control on the C-200 guarantees that each button press has an appropriate response from the Popcorn Hour equipment.
  • LCD front panel – a small but useful display to show what’s currently playing on the C-200
  • 4 USB ports – maybe you want the WiFi dongle, external hard drive, blu-ray drive, dvd player
  • front panel buttons – in conjunction with the LCD display panel, these buttons let you control the C-200 without a remote control. Let’s face it, remote controls go missing all the time.

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