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Hardware Bistro gives A-210 4.5 stars

Hardware Bistro A-210 reviewIf you’re looking for an extremely thorough review of the Popcorn Hour A-210 with lots of pictures and video of the product, the Hardware Bistro has just the article for you.

They tested the digital media streaming device for two weeks and were impressed enough with the A-210’s performance to award it four and a half stars (just like cnet uk).

The multimedia content sharing between Popcorn Hour A-210 and the client PCs are just amazing. With Popcorn Hour A-210, users can watch their movie, play their music or view their photos on TV from their PC (source). Popcorn Hour A-210 solves one of the HTPC problems where no more manual data transfer is required as everything can be transfer through the network with NMJ. There should be no lagging problem if the router/access point and the client PC are equipped 802.11n network technologies.

As we mentioned previously Popcorn Hour A-210 can be worked as NAS as well which is ideal if multiple client PCs are connected within the network group where data can be shared through the Popcorn Hour A-210; very useful technology and it will be one of the next upcoming toys when the price is much affordable.

In term of multimedia supports of Popcorn Hour A-210, we are able to play all of our files with Popcorn Hour A-210. This is very important as most of the video files are in AVI, RM formats so with Popcorn Hour A-210, you are now able to watch them on big TV with your family rather than a small screen-size PC monitor.

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