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Introducing the Dovado UMR

Introducing the Dovado USB Mobile Broadband Router (UMR). This router allows you to plug in a 3G USB modem and you can share it out via WiFi or the 4 LAN ports. You can also plug in a “Y”-cable for extra power into the modem for better signal and performance.

Easily put, with the Dovado UMR, you can share out your internet connection via the single USB modem.

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  1. Graham says

    How can you use the Dovado USB Mobile Broadband Router (UMR) on a bus unless you carry a charged up 12 volt motorbike battery in your pocket.

  2. Gerry says

    Hi Graham – no, the UMR is used by bus companies to provide WiFi on their buses. A number of bus companies have identified the router as a more cost-effective solution for on-board WiFi than the likes of the Icomera hardware.

  3. Graham says

    Hi Gerry,
    But if we don’t have the UMR in such a modern environment as a rigged out bus, do you have any ideas how to power it, as in a public community building with no usable power sockets.
    Regards Graham.

  4. gerry says

    Hi Graham – the UMR requires a 12V power source with a current peaking at 1.5A, though the average current drawn will be much less. In your scenario, where you need a hotspot for 2 or 3 hours, a car or motorcycle battery would do the trick. On boats, a battery charged by wind and/or solar power would be a sustainable solution.

  5. Graham says

    Hi Gerry,
    Thanks for posting the URM so quickly, will give me time to set it up for next Monday’s Archive session. Yes solar panels are getting smaller and giving out more power now at 12 v 13w with it’s 4A charge regulator and easy to implement and disassemble in a public building window.Could work. Just need a battery now.

  6. Graham says

    Hi Gerry,

    As I have said before I myself don’t like to use Wi-Fi but my daughter is always pestering for a Wi-Fi connection for her I-Pods and gaming gadgets, I and other knowledgeable IT persons have tried to set up Wi-Fi my house in the past and failed miserably, but on the delivery of my new Dovado UMR plus the constant persistent moaning from my daughter I thought I would give it one more last go, so I bridged my Linksys ADSL 2 Gateway 4 -Port Switch together using a Ethernet cable to WAN connection, then changed my Dovado Mobile Broadband Router in the Internet settings from (USB modem) to (Ethernet cable in WAN port) and Walla I now have my daughter of my back. first time ever to get a Wi-Fi system working in my home and actually can get my old Laptop working by Wi-Fi.
    I do not understand why it has took all these years and so much heartache getting a Wi-Fi setup to work.

    Just to say I have only had it 24 hours and I’m a Happy UMR Customer using my new USB Broadband Modem to UMR Router Wi-Fi plus Broadband Modem Router to UMR Router W-iFi.


  7. gerry says

    Thanks for the feedback, Graham.

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