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Dovado UMR connects without any APN. How can this be?

Hopefully you can help me solve a puzzle. Here we see the Dovado UMR with an O2 UK Pay As You Go USB modem (Huawei E160). The UMR has been reset to its factory settings, so there is no Access Point Name (APN) configured. However not a problem apparently and the modem successfully connects to the O2 mobile broadband network.

Maybe this is not so unusual, can you explain it?

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  1. Sam says

    Hi Gerry,

    This kind of thing happens, for sure. Many operators place a default APN on the SIM card or in the USB modem itself (only on operator-branded versions). Mind you, it’s not on ALL operator-sold modems, which is why the APN field is in the UMR, like in all 3G routers. I think it’s great to avoid the use of an APN, but considering you don’t know which one it is you’re using, you can always specify it in the UMR, and it’ll use that one instead. The UMR will always check if there is an APN in the modem first if the setup does not include a filled APN field.

    For those of you using CDMA, there is no need for an APN at all since it’s a different setup altogether. It usually requires a username and password, otherwise many operators run the default “cdma/cdma” as user/pass.

  2. gerry says

    Ah, mystery solved Sam. Thanks.

  3. James says

    I thought it was because the Dovado product come pre-loaded with new information about different carriers, hence why they keep releasing updates for different dongles etc.

  4. gerry says

    Hi James, no the firmware doesn’t contain any pre-loaded settings or information about different carriers, just the drivers for all the different modems.

  5. James says

    Ah yes the drivers, I knew there was a reason why they kept releasing updates. got my drivers and the settings confused! Cheers for the info, great stuff.