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Where is my nearest 3G mast?

OfCom provides a sitefinder website for locating GSM and UMTS masts in the United Kingdom. You simply enter your postcode, town or street name to be then presented with a map showing mobile operators’ masts as little blue triangles. You click on the blue triangles to find out specific details about each mast, such as operator, height, power and type of transmission (GSM or UMTS).

This is a very useful resource when shopping around for a mobile broadband service – if you’ll be using your mobile broadband dongle in one particular location, you’ll want to check out which operator has the closest UMTS mast as distance from mast is probably the most important factor determining the speed of your connection. Connection speeds also fluctuate depending on the number of users using the mast at any one time.

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Leith masts

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