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Help! My computer can’t connect to my UMR to do the initial configuration.

If you’ve just received your Dovado UMR but you can’t get connected to the configuration web address, the video below may help you overcome the networking issues in your way.

Connect to DialupThe initial configuration of your Dovado UMR should be a quick and straight-forward process. Unfortunately your computer can conspire to throw a couple of confusing obstacles in your way. This video demonstrates how to get overcome a couple of networking issues you may come up against. The demonstration uses Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.

One potential source of confusion for some users is that the Dovado reference guide instructs you

to open your web browser and access the website

but with your USB modem connected to the Dovado UMR and not yet configured, how can you connect to a website when you are not online? The “website” is actually the default address of the Dovado UMR on your Local Area Network – so no internet connection is needed to access the configuration interface.

Internet Options: Never Dial A ConnectionObstacle 1: PC constantly prompts to Connect to Dialup (or mobile broadband)
Solution: Modify the Connections tab on your Internet Options to enable the Never Dial a Connection option.

Obstacle 2: Your browser won’t connect because it is working offline
Solution: disable Working Offline from the File menu.

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