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Help! My computer can’t connect to my UMR to do the initial configuration.

If you’ve just received your Dovado UMR but you can’t get connected to the configuration web address, the video below may help you overcome the networking issues in your way.

Connect to DialupThe initial configuration of your Dovado UMR should be a quick and straight-forward process. Unfortunately your computer can conspire to throw a couple of confusing obstacles in your way. This video demonstrates how to get overcome a couple of networking issues you may come up against. The demonstration uses Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.

One potential source of confusion for some users is that the Dovado reference guide instructs you

to open your web browser and access the website

but with your USB modem connected to the Dovado UMR and not yet configured, how can you connect to a website when you are not online? The “website” is actually the default address of the Dovado UMR on your Local Area Network – so no internet connection is needed to access the configuration interface.

Internet Options: Never Dial A ConnectionObstacle 1: PC constantly prompts to Connect to Dialup (or mobile broadband)
Solution: Modify the Connections tab on your Internet Options to enable the Never Dial a Connection option.

Obstacle 2: Your browser won’t connect because it is working offline
Solution: disable Working Offline from the File menu.

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  1. settlers says

    i cant open a dovado firmware,zipped or unzipped, i have tried everything that i received from forum groups on internet,i have downloaded softwares to unzip dovado firmware successfully but the problem is this firmware comes up as vlc media player files which cannot play,infact it suppose to open when you right click it, but instead it prompt me to play using VLC player,im very confused,what might be the problem,my pcs uses windows xp sp2 while others uses windows xp sp3, i have disabled and lowered some security settings as adviced by some members on internet forums,i have also downloaded mozilla firefox and netscape navigator to use them to access site which gives me negative result,i would like to access dovado web page so that i can configure my UMR , HELP

  2. gerry says

    Hi Settlers – your problem may be with the File Type Association for Zip (or other) files on your Windows XP PC.

    The solution might be to restore the default association for ZIP (or other affected) file types and this is done from the Tools | Folder Options… menu on Windows Explorer. There you will find a File Types tab, listing all the different file types and their associations. ZIP files should be at or near the bottom of the list. Select the ZIP entry and click the Restore button.

    I don’t have VLC media player installed but I have reproduced your circumstances with another application and you can see the File Type dialog box on the Tools | Folder Options… below.

    Restoring default ZIP association

    Having said all that, you should be able to access the Dovado UMR configuration page with any standard browser. When extracted from the ZIP file, the UMR’s firmware file should have a BIN extension (meaning simply binary file).