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Does the Dovado UMR support Vodafone's USB Modem Stick Pro?

The “USB Modem Stick Pro” was recently launched by Vodafone in the UK and heralded as their fastest USB modem offering with download speeds up to 7.2 megabits per second and upload speeds up to 2 megabits per second. The device is also known as a Vodafone K3760 and is actually an Option 431 modem.

Vodafone USB Modem Stick Pro (or Option 431)For most of this year, Dovado have been doing the development and testing work to upgrade the Linux kernel at the heart of the Dovado UMR’s firmware to accommodate this faster generation of USB modems such as the Option 4xx and Option 5xx series. This major firmware update (v4.x) was released on 10 August 2009.

So in answer to the original question: yes, the Vodafone USB Modem Stick Pro is now supported by the Dovado UMR with the release of firmware v4.0.

Dovado have produced a short video demonstrating the use of these faster modems with the UMR.

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  1. Sam says

    4.0 is now available for download from