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Where can I buy a TellStick?

TellStick from Telldus Technologies
The TellStick is a USB dongle device that enables remote control of electrical appliances in your home. The TellStick can be used with the Dovado 4GR giving you access to home automation via SMS or the Internet. The device can also be used directly on a PC using the software provided by Swedish manufacturer, Telldus Technologies. Continued…

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Review of the Dovado 3GN with Zain’s E-GO 21Mbps (Kuwait)

mishary's blogOn the blog Some Contrast, Mishary takes a look at the Dovado 3GN:

Since day one of releasing Zain’s E-GO 21.6 Mb/s, I was worried about sharing the high speed internet with other computers, and from that day I began to search for a router that is compatible with the 21.6 e-go but the result was a big ZERO, because non of the big brands started to develop a router that can handle that kind of speed, yet. Until I found the Dovado 3GN router which is the only router in the market that supports Zain’s E-GO.

Read the full review…

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Easter 2010

I will be spending the week after the Easter weekend in Ireland and will therefore be fulfilling orders from the Commsoft office in Tuamgraney, Co. Clare between Tuesday 6 April and Friday 9 April. In terms of delivery times, this will only really impact on customers in the UK, who will receive their goods within 2-5 working days as opposed to the usual 1-2 working days.

Normal service will be resumed on Monday 12 April 2010.

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Where is my nearest 3G mast?

OfCom provides a sitefinder website for locating GSM and UMTS masts in the United Kingdom. You simply enter your postcode, town or street name to be then presented with a map showing mobile operators’ masts as little blue triangles. You click on the blue triangles to find out specific details about each mast, such as operator, height, power and type of transmission (GSM or UMTS). Continued…

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What types of encryption are available on the Dovado UMR?

You will find the Wireless encryption options on the WLAN -> AUTHENTICATION screen of the Dovado UMR configuration interface. When you enable encryption on your wireless network using the following encryption protocols:

  • WEP (64-bit or 128-bit hex or ascii keys)
  • WPA-PSK (pre-shared key, 8-63 chars)
  • WPA Enterprise (radius server)

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VIDEO: Making the most of your mobile broadband

Gerry Mulvenna gave a short demonstration of some mobile broadband products at a recent “Business Grapevine” lunch hosted by 6 Degrees Networking in Edinburgh. Here is the video recording (in 2 parts) of the demo and Q&A session.


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Recommended firmware update v4.0.2

On 22 Sep 2009 Dovado released the v4.0.2 firmware update for the Dovado UMR. Users can download this update from Here is what Dovado say about this firmware update:

We have corrected an issue which was pointed out to us by a few of
you out there. The issue was that the UMR might lock itself up (“crash”)
during operation.

NOTICE : We strongly recommend you to upgrade to this release! Continued…

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The Limitations of Mobile Broadband Services in the UK

This article was written for us by

Dovado UMR with Vodafone USB modemMobile broadband in the UK, though it is popular and improving every day, is far from perfect. Though recent debates about the way in which the maximum download speeds are used to advertise services have hit the headlines, there are some more fundamental limitations. The first is the way in which Network Address Translation (NAT) is used to preserve the IP address space for mobile broadband customers. This can result in problems for those running remote programs or those trying to access servers and use peer to peer networking using their mobile broadband connections. Continued…

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Dovado UMR connects without any APN. How can this be?

Hopefully you can help me solve a puzzle. Here we see the Dovado UMR with an O2 UK Pay As You Go USB modem (Huawei E160). The UMR has been reset to its factory settings, so there is no Access Point Name (APN) configured. However not a problem apparently and the modem successfully connects to the O2 mobile broadband network.

Maybe this is not so unusual, can you explain it?

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Welcome to!

If you want to do more with your mobile broadband dongle than use it in one computer at a time – can help. The Dovado USB mobile broadband router enables you to share your 3G modem with multiple computers and devices.

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